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Office Pack

Four ZeusPros units

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Two ZeusPros units

WAS $40.00   NOW  $24.99

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One ZeusPro unit

WAS $20.00   NOW  $14.99

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What’s in the Box.

ZeusPro box

Metal reflector

Plastic clip

User manual

Frequently asked questions

Does ZeusPro really works?

Sure it works. ZeusPro is a miniature parabolic dish. It is designed using the standard formulas for generating parabolic shapes. This type of reflector has been in use for longer than radio has been in use. You see, reflecting telescopes work by using parabolic mirrors. it depends upon what you are trying to accomplish. For applications where you just want more range indoors, you probably can't find a more effective solution than ZeusPro that takes the form of an antenna. Sure you could buy an expensive amplifier. The bottom line is that ZeusPro is a must-have product. Simple and extremely effective, try for yourselves and you won't be disappointed.

How much gain can I expect with ZeusPro?

With ZeusPro you can expect up to 2X times better gain, based on your basic antenna and router.

Will this reflector hurt my hardware?

Absolutely not.

Can I use two ZeusPro reflectors on my access point if it has two antennas?

Sure, Actually it is better to use two ZeusPro's on access points which have two antennas. It is recommended to use one ZeusPro's for each antenna you have, that way you can cover 360 degrees of the signal.